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Tillandsia NoID #2

This will be a short post, since I am actually hoping to get everyone’s help on the ID of this plant.  I bought it as Tillandsia sphaerocephala, which when I received the plant, it became obvious it was most definitely not that.  In case you were wondering what T. sphaerocephala looks like, a picture of a subsequent plant I managed to buy is below.


Anyway back to the NoID, I bought this plant in June 2012, and I was pretty amazed at how it was packed so compactly.  Well after a quick 30-minute soak and voila, it started to look like a tillandsia again!  As a side note, I tend not to soak my plants overnight when I receive them, because I worry about the sudden shock it may be to the plant after a week plus in transit.  So instead I up the watering during the first week or so with maybe 30-minute soaks every few days until it seems to be looking healthy and then it is back to whatever the normal watering routine would be.



The next series of pics were taken over the subsequent six months, and you can probably tell that I was cautious with the amount of water I gave the plant initially, but it really started to perk up after getting caught in the thunderstorms during a particularly wet month.  It has since turned out to be a very nice looking plant.  It is about 6″ across and maybe 5″ tall.  It has a dense rosette of thick, symmetrical, succulent silver leaves and is a fairly fast grower.  Rooting is average, none of the thick roots that a xerographica throws out but still a decent number of roots have appeared.










This plant gets regular tillandsia care and appears to be thriving.  I have it in full sunlight from about 2pm to 6pm and it is perfectly fine.  It likes water too, a daily drenching seeming to suit it very well.  My guess as to what it may be is some form of harrisii or perhaps hondurensis.  Although having said that I do have both those plants too and they are not exactly alike.  The NoID has much shorter and thicker leaves as compared to my harrisii and well my hondurensis is actually a clump and it is nowhere near as fast growing as this particular plant.  So I am non the wiser as to what this NoID really is.

Anyway the most recent pics are below.  What do you guys think?  Can anyone help me with identifying this plant so I can finally put a tag to it!







7 comments on “Tillandsia NoID #2

  1. alsleb
    May 1, 2013

    It is very similar to mine Till xerographica Silver Beauty

  2. minigemm
    May 4, 2013

    Oh right now I understand what you mean. I would be quite interested to see this Silver Beauty in flower though. Because it looks so very different from the more common xeros I still cannot imagine that it is a xero. 🙂

  3. Triotexmini
    April 6, 2015

    HI, it looks like Tillandsia Harrisi to me 🙂

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